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Travel management platform | KEYforTravel

Agility and flexibility

KEYforTravel platform provides an agile and flexible environment that improves day-to-day travel and tourism operations management.

Travel management platform | KEYforTravel

Multi-channel promotion

With just a click on a promotional content, the customer gets

access to all information for the selected offer.

Travel management platform | KEYforTravel

Real-time connection

KEYforTravel presents a full set of booking engines for providing a wide range of products, prices and availabilities.

Travel management platform | KEYforTravel

Complete booking platform

KEYforTravel provides a rich set of self-booking tools for flight, hotel, rent-a-car, holidays, dynamic packaging and much more.

Travel management platform | KEYforTravel

Rich Management tools

By using BI is easy to evaluate the business status and take a global view of corporate relations with clients and product suppliers.

Travel management platform | KEYforTravel

Modular Concept

Our platform allows setup by demand according to each client's business needs. It grows smoothly by integrating other interfaces.

Increase your sales through KEYforTravel all-in-one solution


KEYforTravel is a solution that provides sales increase, management operations improvement, innovation and cost reduction through an all-in-one platform. 

  • Sales growth with multiple distribution channels;

  • Lower operation costs;

  • Better service to the end user;

  • Complete control of the business.

Travel management platform | KEYforTravel

How are you facing the growing challenges of the travel industry?


Technology and its solutions have a huge impact on the business as well as on the market. KEYforTravel can:

- Manage daily tasks like booking creation, ticket issuing, passenger documentation, payments and billing;

- Allow your company to aggregate your own and your partner's product, matching offers in seconds and making the sales process easier. 

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